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Home Owner Tips

Toilet PlungerI have a clogged toilet and do not have a plunger....what do I do?

Believe it or not, you are not alone! You can simply unclog a toilet with just plain dish soap and hot water as long as your toilet is NOT overflowing. Squirt a significant amount of soap into your toilet. Follow with a bucket of very hot water from the hot tap (not boiling). Fill the toilet full but not overflowing. *Do not use boiling water because it can cause the toilet bowl to crack. Then have a cup of coffee and let the blockage dissipate.

Clothing IronMy child left a cold drink on my wooden table, now there is a ring...can you help?

One way to remove white water stains from wood is to use a hot iron on a smoothly textured, lint-free cloth placed over the stain, iron very briefly (seconds), lift the cloth, and repeat until stain is gone. It really works!

Lemonade Kool AidHow can I get rid of my iron and lime deposits in my dishwasher?

Lemonade Kool Aid packets can be used as more than to make a tangy drink––it can also be put to a second use as a dishwasher cleaner. The citric acid content in it will remove iron stains and lime build-up from inside a dishwasher, leaving it nice and clean for the next round of washes. Just pour the LEMONADE Kool Aid packet into your dishwasher soap dispenser, run dishwasher (without dishes) on a regular cycle. The Kool Aid will wash away as it runs through the cycle. Your dishwasher will be clean from the iron and limescale.

rubberband trickHow do I remove a stripped screw?

A rubber band may aid in providing enough grip to remove, or at least loosen, the screw. Place a wide band rubber band [in between] the screw driver (we recommend bumping one size up from the screw head which caused the strip) and the screw, then apply hard, but slow force as you turn. If you're fortunate, the rubber band will fill in the gaps caused by the strip and allow extraction.

Aluminum FoilDo I have to wash my paint roller in between coats of paint?

No. All you need is a simple piece of aluminum foil to wrap up the roller to be air tight, and when ready for the next coat just simply unwrap. You can also use a plastic bag, but be sure to get it air tight or your roller may harden. The same trick will work for paint brushes as well.

Pillow case over ceiling fan bladeHow can I clean my ceiling fan without the clumps of dust all over the furniture?

Simply open the pillowcase, slide it all the way over the fan blade, grab the blade through the pillowcase, and slide the pillowcase down the length of the fan blade. All of the dust comes off in the pillowcase without flying all around the room or falling to the floor in clumps.