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Tom Quinn

Overisel Employee Tom QuinnBack in 1976 Tom was a member of the United States Army. He served for two and a half years moving from base to base around the country. After he retired from the service Tom worked at a former South Haven lumber yard by the name of “Lappo." He was there for 18 years prior to his introduction here at Overisel. He started as a general laborer and quickly moved into someone who can do it all as a driver, yard foreman, and inside salesman. It’s been many years since Tom transitioned to Overisel and he really enjoys his role.

Outside of work Tom likes to spend his time with the “Grand Kiddies”. With seven grand kids that is a large and tiresome chunk of his time. “The party days and running around are gone”, he says trading in the trouble for a table. A woodworking table to be exact; where his favorite thing to craft is picnic tables.

Overisel Employee Tom QuinnTom’s response to what makes Overisel different? “Compared to your big box stores we are more hands on. We take care of people and make sure it’s right.” Overisel is “family owned and they care."

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